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An innovative new approach to safety program management

With the help of your dedicated HSE Manager, HSE International puts your health and safety on autopilot to streamline your HSE, and automate your orientations, policies, and even employee training making it easier for small businesses to simply and affordably build a safer workplace.

Complete, Connected HSE Support


Used by organizations locally and around the globe to help support challenges around litigation, investigations, government requests, and more — HSE International brings the entire support process together in a single solution, regardless of the location.

Safe work practices must be embedded in each stage of a process in your workplace.

From the initial design, to manufacture, through to despatch or construction, and beyond. Safety first, safety always.

We can help. Get in touch to find out how.

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 To book your spot in one of our ICAM in-house or online training courses, or to see what other courses we offer, contact our training team at

The Connected Experience

Learn from Other Professionals

Professionals from around the globe meet and mingle in our online Facebook community.

Build your OHS Library

Order templates, national and international standards and more.

Expand your Knowledge

View, sign up or enrol for one of our training courses - either in-house or from our extensive online training library.

Check out the Company

From our mission to our core values, get to know the people behind the HSEI Group.

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